Rockers for Intervention, Support & Education Welcomes You To


As a resource for Simon's Rock Students, this website allows you to chat anonymously with a RISE Advocate

Message us from 7--11pm, 7 days a week.

Remember to provide your Student ID, your Mailbox Number, or your Birthday and Room Number (Dorm, Room#)

RISE students are trained to offer support, but are students like you, meaning you can talk to us as peers and not as authority figures 


As with regular calls, you will be asked to provide a piece of identifying information that the RISE student may need in case of an emergency. The RISE student will not know your identity based on this information. See the "Contact Us" page for more details.

RISE is an organization by and for students which provides student-to-student support, hosts educational and awareness events, and advocates for students on campus. Our mission is to be a bridge to connect students to the help they need, both on campus and in the greater Berkshire community.  

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